Other Tutors

I have been fortunate to meet other experienced professional tutors across many different subjects. Here is a selection of links that clients may find useful when looking for a suitable tutor.


Ezi Williams – Ezi is an extremely experienced qualified teacher having taught in a well known London Independent School. She moved to Oxford in 2010 and has tutored in all the A-Level boards and many of the GCSE boards.


Anna Kan and Carole Campbell, www.oxonacademic.co.uk, are highly qualified and experienced in helping with GCSE and A Level English language and literature, study skills and essay writing advice, EFL, academic English, and IELTS.


Sue Clear – Sue is an experienced teacher, tutor, parent and Oxford graduate who gives tuition, mainly at A-Level, from her home near central Oxford.

David Gibbon – David is another tutor located in Oxford who tutors up to A-Level having previously taught at a well known Oxford Independent school for many years as well as being Head of Maths in two schools.


Jamie Wakeham – Jamie is a freelance supply teacher and private tutor who previously studied at St. Anne’s, Oxford and taught for 10 years in Abingdon.